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Standard 7 – Child-focussed complaint processes

    Standard 7

    Voice Over: Standard 7 – Child-focussed complaint processes.

    Displayed on screen: (Standard 7 - Processes for complaints and concerns are child-focused.)

    Jacinda de Witts, Deputy Secretary, Regulation, Risk, Integrity and Legal Division speaking to camera: A child focused complaints procedure puts children at the centre of the process, removes barriers that can discourage children from speaking up, and provides support throughout the process. Creating an organisational culture where complaints are welcomed, responded to promptly, appropriately and action is immediately taken to protect children is vital to creating a child safe organisation and should be a priority.

    Voice Over (and displayed on screen): To comply with Standard 7 your organisation must meet the following five minimum requirements: 

    • The organisation has an accessible, child-focused complaint handling policy which clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of leadership, staff and volunteers, approaches to dealing with different types of complaints, breaches of relevant policies or the Code of Conduct and obligations to act and report. 
    • Effective complaint handling processes are understood by children, families, staff and volunteers, and are culturally safe. 
    • Complaints are taken seriously and responded to promptly and thoroughly. 
    • The organisation has policies and procedures in place that address reporting of complaints and concerns to relevant authorities, whether or not the law requires reporting, and co-operates with law enforcement. 
    • Reporting, privacy and employment law obligations are met.

    Jacinda de Witts, Deputy Secretary, Regulation, Risk, Integrity and Legal Division speaking to camera: To know if your organisation is meeting Standard 7, ask yourself these questions:.

    • In what ways is your organisations complaints policy easy to understand, culturally safe, accessible and child focused?
    • How do you prioritise the safety of all children accessing your organisation after a complaint is received?
    • How do you make staff aware of their internal and external reporting obligations?
    • How do you record complaints about child abuse and safety concerns?
    • And how do you ensure the confidentiality of complaints and investigative process?

    Voice Over (and displayed on screen): For more information on Child Safe Standards visit the departments website

    Reviewed 23 August 2023