Department of Health

Child Safe Standard 3 - Empowerment and Participation

    Standard 3

    Voice Over: Standard 3 - Empowerment and Participation.

    Displayed on screen: (Standard 3 - Children and young people are empowered about their rights, participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously.)

    Jacinda de Witts, Deputy Secretary, Regulation, Risk, Integrity and Legal Division speaking to camera: Children have the right to make decisions about the things that affect and to feel empowered with how they participate in accessing health services. By empowering children to have a voice and be actively involved in the services they are receiving it can provide opportunities for better outcomes for both the child and health organisation.

    Voice Over (and displayed on screen): To comply with standard 3 your organisation must meet the following six minimum requirements:

    • Children are informed and educated about their rights, including to safety, information and participation.
    • The importance of friendships is recognised and support from peers is encouraged to help children feel safe and less isolated. 
    • Where relevant children are offered access to sexual abuse prevention programs in an age-appropriate way. 
    • Staff must be able to identify and act on signs of harm. They must also create opportunities and encourage children to express their views, participate in decision making and raise concerns. 
    • Have strategies in place to develop a culture that encourages participation and is responsive to a child’s input. 
    • Provide opportunities for children to participate and be responsive to their contributions, to strengthen confidence and engagement. 

    Jacinda de Witts, Deputy Secretary, Regulation, Risk, Integrity and Legal Division speaking to camera: To know if your organisation is meeting Standard 3, ask yourself these questions:

    • How does your organisation create opportunities for children to be involved in decision making?
    • Are child-friendly resources and information available to children on all the reporting opportunities and support services available to them?
    • How does your organisation respond to feedback and concerns raised by children?
    • And how does your organisation’s Child Safe Policies promote children’s empowerment and participation?

    Voice Over (and displayed on screen): For more information on Child Safe Standards visit the departments website.

    Reviewed 23 August 2023