Department of Health

What’s changed with Advance statement of preferences?

    ‘Advance statements’ under the 2014 Act have been renamed ‘advance statement of preferences’ in the new Act.

    The new Act clarifies that statements can include preferences about any aspects of care and support, not just treatment preferences.

    One important change is the Act removes requirements that advance statements be witnessed by an authorised witness -- under the new Act they can now be witnessed by any adult. 

    A designated mental health service must also ensure all reasonable efforts are made to give effect to the statement.

    An authorised psychiatrist must provide written reasons within 10 business days whenever a treatment decision is made that does not accord with treatment preferences, expressed in an advance statement of preferences.

    You can find the Advance Statement of Preferences documents and more information in the Act handbook on the health.vic website.

    Reviewed 13 August 2023