Department of Health

What’s changed with statement of rights?

  • 13 August 2023
  • Duration: 0:54

Just like the 2014 Act, under the new Act, Statements of Rights must be provided to people in range of circumstances.

Statements of rights are similar to the 2014 Act - but with strengthened obligations to take all reasonable steps to ensure rights are understood.

A new requirement is that a statement of rights must be provided to people admitted to bed-based designated mental health services – including people receiving services on a voluntary basis.

The relevant statement of rights must be given to a person at key points during their assessment and treatment.

You can find all the statements of rights on the Health.Vic website, including translated versions.

These can be downloaded and printed.

You can find more information in the Act handbook on the health.vic website.

Reviewed 13 August 2023