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PPE for Contact and Droplet Precautions

  • 05 December 2021
  • Duration: 04:00

PPE for Contact and Droplet Precautions

6 December 2021 | Duration: 4:00


Perform hand hygiene with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

Put on gown.

Secure gown at back of neck. Wrap the gown around your back, ensuring all clothing is covered. Tie off the gown at the waist securely. The cuff of the gown should be covering the staff member’s hands halfway.

Put on surgical mask.

Before fitting the mask, ensure the coloured side faces outward. Place the mask over your nose and mouth. Tie the top and bottom ties of the mask behind your head. Finally, mould the mask around the bridge of your nose to ensure it fits properly. You may have a mask with ear loops. If so, place these around your ears and mould the mask around your face.

DO NOT touch the mask while it is being worn.

DO NOT reapply the mask after it has been removed.

DO NOT leave the mask dangling around your neck.

But do change the mask when it becomes moist or after 4 hours of continuous wear.

Put on goggles.

If you wear prescription eyewear, put this on prior to the protective eyewear. Whenever putting on any type of eyewear, it is good practice to use the arms of the frame. This keeps your hands away from your eyes, and reinforces safe practice for removal. Make sure your protective eyewear is sitting securely and is not affecting the fit of the mask.

Put on gloves.

Fit the first glove on your hand then pull the end of the glove over the cuff of your gown. This will make a tight seal, reducing the potential for contamination of the wrists and forearm. Repeat this for the second glove.

Confirm correct Personal Protective Equipment placement prior to entering the patient’s room.


Ensure yellow bin is open to commencing doffing.

Remove gown and gloves and dispose of into a yellow bin.

First, grasp the gown in the front at shoulder height and pull away from your body so that the ties break. Second, hold onto the waist tie and pull until the tie breaks, touching the outside of the gown only with gloved hands.

While removing the gown, fold or roll the gown inside out into a bundle. As you are removing the gown, peel off your gloves at the same time, only touching the inside of the gloves and gown with your bare hands. Place the gown and gloves into a yellow bin.

Perform hand hygiene.

Remove and dispose of goggles into a yellow bin.

Dispose of the mask into a yellow bin. When removing the surgical mask, please do not touch the front part of the mask. First, untie the bottom ties of the mask, followed by the top. Keep hold of the ties and remove the mask away from your face. Place the mask into the yellow bin. If you have a mask with ear loops, to remove, take hold of the loops behind your ears and remove away from your face. Place the mask into a yellow bin.

Perform hand hygiene.


Reviewed 20 December 2021