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Is your business COVIDSafe ready? 

  • 31 October 2021
  • Duration: 2:33

Is your business COVIDSafe ready? 

Protect your customers, staff, and business. 

Having a COVIDSafe Plan will help you to stay safe and stay open. 

Checking in is the best way to stop the spread of coronavirus, and to help protect your business and each other. 

Every business must use the Victorian Government QR Code Service.

You should confirm people have checked in prior to serving them.  

And you must make sure everyone checks in, every time, no matter how long they stay at your business

COVIDSafe Plan

Every business must also have a COVIDSafe Plan. 

Your COVIDSafe Plan will show what you are doing to help stop COVID from infecting your business, staff and customers 

Here are six ways to keep your business COVIDSafe and open.

  1. Physical distance 1.5m + apart

Where possible, staff and visitors should stay at least 1.5 metres apart. 

Display signs to show how many customers can be inside your business at the one time.

  1. Wear a face mask 

Everyone must wear a face mask indoors and outdoors. 

Customers can only remove face masks to eat and drink at a café or food business.

  1. Practise good hygiene 

Practice good hygiene. 

Make soap and hand sanitiser available and ask your staff to wash their hands frequently. 

Keep a cleaning schedule. 

Clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces often such as counters, shelves, doorknobs, cash registers and telephones. 

  1. Keep records. Act quickly 

You must keep electronic records and act quickly if any of your staff get sick. 

Support your staff to get tested and stay home, even if they only have mild symptoms. 

Keep records of all people who do not have a smart phone and cannot check in with a QR code 

  1. Avoid enclosed spaces 

Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces  

Move activity outside where possible, including meetings, tearooms, lunch breaks and serving customers. 

Increase airflow by opening windows and doors. 

  1. Keep your staff safe 

Create workforce bubbles. 

Try to keep groups of workers rostered on the same shifts and avoid any overlap of workers during shift changes where you can. 

Remember … having a COVIDSafe Plan will help you to stay safe and stay open.

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Reviewed 01 November 2021