Department of Health

Soft words

  • 13 September 2016

Soft Words is an intervention that provides some ways to avoid confrontations, which often occur in the context of the daily demands of the wards. Soft Words is about working collaboratively with people and Soft Words can be communicated to staff in a number of ways.

A message of the day poster and postcards with special prompts and messages.

Hey, I’m hungry! I need to order a pizza! Hi, Owen, I’ll just come out, we’ll talk about it. Yeah, alright, yeah. I need to order a pizza,

I’m hungry Hi Owen, I’m Lisa Hi Lisa I understand you’re hungry and I can help you out with that Yeah, yeah, I wanna order a pizza I understand. At this time of the morning, unfortunately here, we can’t order a pizza for you What do you mean? I’ve ordered stuff before here I know, it’s just because it’s 5am but we can get you something to eat though, it’s not going to be a problem at all

Yeah, cos I haven’t had dinner, you know I understand. I do apologise that you’ve missed dinner. We can get you something now though. Maybe we can go through the fridge and get you something and have a cup of tea Yeah, have a look?

Yeah, absolutely! Better be something good

We’ll have a look. It’ll be fine. Let’s go. Good on ya

Reviewed 21 November 2023