Department of Health

Know each other

  • 13 September 2016

When caring for people, it helps to know a little bit about their background, hobbies and interests and the same can work in reverse. When people know a little bit of information about us, it can help with conversation and relationship building.

While we collect lots of information, little is of the sort that assists with relationship building. It often tends to be negatively focused on things such as past illness, disability and admissions. This intervention seeks to rectify or counter-balance that. By collecting social information, it gives a picture of that person.

Owen, we’ll just go into our common lounge area now. So, this is where you’re welcome to sit, read, get yourself a cup of tea or anything. Oh, hi, how you going? It’s also where we keep our Know Each Other Folder that I was telling you about earlier and, what it has, is a little bit of information about us so that you can get to know us a little bitter, which is really nice. Cool.

I’ll show you mine, if you like. There’s Godwin and Rachel and there’s mine. Cool. So, it’s just got some interests…

Ha ha … Richmond! Richmond, yes. Do you follow football?

I go for Collingwood. Ah, ok, well, there’s a Collingwood game on tonight that … Yeah … that some of the staff and patients are going to watch. You’re welcome to join, if you like. Cool, sounds good!

Yeah, if you like, I can show you the rest of the unit. Sure, sounds cool It’s got a laundry, a staff station, things like that.

Reviewed 21 November 2023