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The Minister for Health, the Hon Jill Hennessy MP, recently appointed Ms Jane Anderson to the role of Latrobe Health Advocate. Ms Anderson brings a wealth of experience working with the Latrobe community. She has lived and worked in the Valley for 18 years and brings an in-depth understanding of the region. Ms Anderson worked in Morwell throughout the time of the Hazelwood mine fire and supported the community's recovery.

Reporting directly to the Minister for Health, Ms Anderson will play a critical role in providing independent advice to the Victorian Government on behalf of the Latrobe Valley community on system and policy issues affecting their health and wellbeing. She will provide community-wide leadership for the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone while maintaining a focus on strategic outcomes and systemic change.

The Latrobe Health Advocate is a key recommendation from the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry. The role is vital to the development of the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone. Ms Anderson is working with community, government, businesses and the not-for-profit sector, as well as the Latrobe Health Assembly, Long Term Health Study Ministerial Advisory Committee and other local stakeholders.

Latrobe Health Advocate

The Advocate in action

The Advocate has released her Statement of Intent which focuses on: 

  • building awareness of the Advocate among Latrobe Valley communities
    • Inclusive communities – enabling inclusiveness of marginalised communities within Latrobe Valley
    • Health is everyone's business – engaging the breadth of Latrobe Valley communities to prioritise and have a say about the sustainability of their health and wellbeing, and Systems change – using a project/campaign approach to change conditions that hold a problem in place.

In 2018-19, the Advocate is working with communities on issues surrounding Mental Health, Palliative Care and Alcohol and other Drugs.

The Advocate's office is located in temporary premises at Level 1, 154 Commercial Road, Morwell and Jane can be contacted at or 1800 319 255 or P.O. Box 108 Morwell 3840.

Reviewed 23 November 2021


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