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This is what was said at the Churchill, Moe, Morwell and Traralgon workshops. Do you agree or disagree?

Key themes

Key themes are emerging from community workshops and the survey about how;the Latrobe community wants these initiatives to impact health and wellbeing in the region. These insights are informing the development of the charter and evaluation framework.

Improved community opportunities and perception - pride of place

  • Making Latrobe Valley a destination of choice
  • Celebrating the positives of the area and recognising that it is a wonderful place to study, work and live
  • Improving local employment and education opportunities –make it easier to access employment services because health and wellbeing depends on having a job
  • Build on existing strengths and promote through good news stories
  • Build a strong identify as leaders in certain fields such as aged care, wellbeing and mindfulness that can be replicated elsewhere
  • The people who want to support the Latrobe Valley need to work with the community, listen and spend time here

Improved community connectedness and participation - community-led and owned programs, events and initiatives

  • Collaborating by engaging with all groups –building relationships and connections with others, being able to participate and enjoy social activities with each other
  • Creating community sustainability and resilience
  • Strengthening community bonds and ability to band together in times of disaster – social supports, connection to others
  • Involve the community in the idea to mobilisation phase so Latrobe is 'growing together'
  • Complete action plans
  • Express connection, vision, hope
  • Community gardens
  • 'Health services promoting and engaging with community around healthy lifestyles'

Improved health service access and design - fairer and faster access to local, culturally appropriate health services, including specialist services

  • We need to rethink the way services are designed and coordinated
  • We need more services in key areas and they need to be easier to access. Such as mental health, and eating disorder services, alcohol and drug services, dental services, youth services, aged care and hospice services, preventive health services, primary health services, nutritionists and specialists
  • To improve access we need a “No wrong door” approach –with integrated health services, ensuring community members are put in touch with the correct service regardless of who they contact in the first instance
  • Waiting times for health services, such as public dental, speech therapists and psychologists is to long. We need 'excellent medical care without long waiting lists and expense' and it needs to be provided locally
  • We need an innovative model of services provision to ensure universal health/service options for all residents, not just relying on hospitals
  • 'I really value the ability to develop a relationship with my own GP, impossible to do, when you struggle for an appointment.'

Collobration word cloud

Final Morwell workshop

Community members who attended the final workshop in Morwell were asked to vote for what they thought were the most important things for the Advocate and the Assembly to focus on as they work to improve health and wellbeing in Latrobe.

Two questions were developed from what we heard the community say in the Churchill, Moe and Traralgon workshops, as well as the survey responses and meetings to date.

Workshop participants emphasised the interrelated nature of these topics and that improving health and wellbeing will require action across a number of areas.

Question 1: Imagine you’re talking to the Latrobe Health Advocate – what would you like them to convince the Premier of?*

Communicating with us 25%
Image of Latrobe - pride of place 50%
Community connectedness and participation 75%
Education and economic opportunities 108%
Health service access and design 117%

Question 2: What two areas would you like the Latrobe Health Assembly to focus on the most over the next three years?*

Health and lifestyle 8%
Image of Latrobe - pride of place 17%
Community connectedness and participation 33%
Health service access and design 58%
Action! 75%

*The response rate is greater than 100 per cent because participants could select multiple options.

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