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Aboriginal governance and accountability framework

Key messages

  • The framework is a commitment to support and embed Aboriginal leadership and self-determination in heath, wellbeing and safety.
  • The purpose of the framework is to enshrine the rightful place of Aboriginal people and communities as central to achieving sustainable improvements in health, wellbeing and safety for Aboriginal Victorians.

The Aboriginal Governance and Accountability Framework is a new way of working for Aboriginal communities and the department, towards self-determination in the health and human services sector.

It provides a forum for building stronger relationships between Aboriginal communities and the department, and will involve Aboriginal communities in policy development and decision making, including resource allocation.

The framework supports the department's commitment to self-determination and ensures Aboriginal voices drive decisions around the health, wellbeing and safety of Aboriginal Victorians through better partnership and joint decision-making between Aboriginal communities, government and agencies.

This framework also provides an opportunity for the transparent monitoring of accountability of outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians and informs governance, monitoring and accountability to Korin Korin Balit-Djak.

Reviewed 24 October 2021


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