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The Student Placement Agreement template for the public hospital sector was originally developed in 2006 to assist clinical placement providers and education providers to formalise their partnerships.

The Student Placement Agreement (SPA) was reviewed by the Student Pre-Placement Information Working Group, which was established in 2018. It comprised representatives from universities, health services and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The changes proposed to the SPA were well received by the health sector, with 95% agreeing there are benefits to standardisation.

The SPA provides standardised terms and conditions under which students of education providers may be placed at placement providers to obtain education and training.

Whilst the SPA is not mandatory, DHHS strongly encourages health services providing clinical health student placements to utilise the protocol.

For information on the Standardised Student Induction Protocol, please visit the standardised student induction protocol section.

Reviewed 08 January 2020


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