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When applying for data linkage from the Centre for Victorian Data Linkage (CVDL), the online application formExternal Link is to be used for all data linkage requests requiring access to Victorian datasets, available from the CVDL.

The CVDL recommends that you read about the relevant Acts, Regulations, and ethical requirements pertaining to data linkage before submitting your application. See Data linkage requirements.

Assessing the data linkage technical feasibility

Once the CVDL receives your data linkage application, it undergoes a technical feasibility assessment, which involves checking:

(i) the application against the Information Privacy and Health Privacy principles from respective Acts ensuring the individual’s privacy is maximise, and assessing the potential risk of re identification

(ii) the availability of requested data items, operational considerations, data access requirements, and alignment with the department’s objectives.

Following this assessment:

  • a member of the Client services team will be in contact with you to arrange access to your dedicated secure folder within the CVDL’s SharePoint site.
  • Once your credential has been authenticated, you are required to upload the research project’s supporting documents (a list of relevant documents will be provided in your dedicated folder via SharePoint).
  • Further discussion and details maybe requested. The data linkage application may need to be resubmitted to reflect relevant amendments.
  • The costs of data access via the CVDL Microsoft Azure data analysis environment is scoped, and a quote is provided to the researcher.

Note: The timeframe to finalise a project is dependent on several factors such as linkage complexities, and approval requirements. The CVDL Client Services team will assist as much as possible to provide an indication on a project timeframe for you to plan your project.

Reviewed 23 November 2015


Contact details

A member of the Victorian Data Linkages team will be in contact once we have received your enquiry.

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