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The immunisations you may need are decided by your health, age, lifestyle and occupation. Together, these factors are referred to as HALO.


Immunisation schedule Victoria

The routine schedule of vaccines provided free under the National Immunisation Program.

Free vaccine Victoria - Criteria for eligibility

Free vaccine Victoria - Criteria for eligibility lists the schedule of vaccines by brand name and who is eligible for free vaccine.

Immunisation in secondary school

Immunisation is offered in secondary school to all students in Year 7 and Year 10 and boys in Year 9 of secondary school. Students are eligible to receive these vaccines for free through a school-based immunisation program.

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Latest immunisation newsletter

Read the latest newsletter online or select from one of our past newsletters. The current edition includes:

  • Influenza vaccine - keep vaccinating your eligible patients
  • Influenza case study
  • Influenza vaccine program for healthcare workers in public hospitals
  • Free HPV vaccine for boys in Year 9 (14 to 15 years) ends on 31 December 2014
  • Advice from The Australian immunisation handbook, Part 4.7 ‘Influenza’
  • Health conditions predisposing people to IPD
  • Understanding childhood immunisation - resources for parents
  • Pneumococcal vaccination for people with hyposplenia and asplenia
  • SAEFVIC, the Victorian vaccine safety service
  • Hepatitis B vaccine - more at-risk groups eligible for a free course
  • Adolescent dTpa booster - Year 10 of secondary school
  • Varicella - to vaccinate or not?
  • Preventable cold chain breaches in 2013
  • Hospital-based immunisation services - call 1300 882 924
  • Victorian Refugee Health Network - immigration and health policy changes
  • Further reading

Vaccine safety immunisation facts, common myths and more

The risk of complications from childhood diseases like measles is much higher than the risks of immunisation. Vaccination protects against infection, saves lives and protects those who are too young or too sick to be immunised.

What's new

An ongoing HPV vaccine program for boys in Year 7 begins in 2013. This will mean that both boys and girls in Year 7 of secondary school will benefit from the Gardasil® vaccine. Year 9 secondary school boys will be targeted for a catch-up Gardasil vaccine program for two years only. This two-year time-limited school-based program occurs in 2013 and 2014.