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October 2014

Coffee and cake jpeg

Ways & Means fare.

Ways and beans to a better future

A local café is proving popular with Department of Health staff.

Groups of colleagues nip across Little Lonsdale Street behind the Department workplace for a boutique coffee, breakfast bruschetta, lunchtime jaffles or for a Ways & Means signature chocolate peanut butter shake.

They are lured by the freshly-baked house muffins but also by their sense of social consciousness.

Ways & Means, at 18 Little Lonsdale Street, is a Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS) initiative.

YSAS is Victoria’s largest youth alcohol and other drug service, providing support to vulnerable young people aged to 25.

It recognises lack of work experience as a major barrier to young people accessing employment opportunities – hence Ways & Means, which provides that in a commercial and supportive environment.

Young people not only gain employment skills at Ways & Means, they also build confidence, a sense of pride and self-respect to assist recovery.

The sense of community that comes with food is carried through every aspect of the café with the best local, seasonal produce and great coffee.

‘Young people need basic support structures in place to assist with their long-term recovery, including access to employment and education,’ said YSAS Chief Executive Officer Paul Bird.

‘Ways & Means is a flexible, working environment and young people walk away with a reference and connections to employers.

‘It’s an important step forward to a different, more positive pathway in their lives.’

Ways & Means is open Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. and provides a catering service.