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May 2020

Davina Robinson jpeg
Davina Robinson

Kamalakumar Amirthalingam jpeg

Kamalakumar Amirthalingam

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The COVID-19 screening clinic team.

Fab Frankston frontline

Peninsula Health has paid tribute to its Frankston Hospital frontline COVID-19 workers.

Nurse unit manager Davina Robinson has worked at Peninsula Health for around 20 years.

Her Frankston Hospital unit has been designated a COVID-19 specific ward.

Despite the unprecedented challenges Ms Robinson’s team have been facing, they have found motivation in caring for those who need it most.

‘It’s the reason that you come in, to help people in their times of need.’

Given her crucial work on the frontline of COVID-19 care, Ms Robinson has been taking extra precautions on returning home each day to keep her family safe.

‘I have great family and a great support network.

‘We just go through a process where they know that I come home and have a shower before I start socialising.’

Associate nurse unit manager Kamalakumar Amirthalingam has been using a calm and supportive leadership approach to ensure his patients are receiving the best possible care and his staff are remaining safe.

His team has been taking extra precautions to help reduce the spread of the virus – training on the correct way to put on and remove personal protective equipment and good hand hygiene.

Mr Amirthalingam encouraged anyone who may be feeling anxious about caring for COVID-19 patients to try to keep calm and ensure they were communicating clearly and directly with others.

‘Don’t get more nervous or anxious, just try a calm approach.

‘The outcomes will be really positive with good patient care.’

Peninsula Health described the work of the COVID-19 screening clinic team as ‘amazing’ and ‘remarkable.’

The team, including Hazel Barinas, Annie Sandars, Laura Carney, Sage Tedge, Teagan Cocking, Yvonne Santvoort, Angela Degering, Debbie Taputu, Rohan Iddles, Samantha Bryant, Tegan Errey and Rebecca Grimwood have been the front line of Frankston Hospital’s response to COVID-19.

‘We feel honoured we are providing the community with a service that gives some reassurance and guidance,’ said clinic nurse manager Ms Santvoort.

‘There have even been some laughs and friendly banter between community members who present for testing and staff, which alleviates some of the fears, stress and concerns.’