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June 2013

Still from advert jpegA still from the Last Dance television advertisement.

New Quit campaign

Quit Victoria’s new antismoking campaign depicts a man dying of a smoking-caused disease in a tender moment with his wife during the final stages of his illness.

Quit Victoria Executive Director Fiona Sharkie said the Last Dance television advertising campaign packed an emotional punch but reflected the fact that one in two long-term smokers would die of a smoking-caused disease.

Half of those would die in middle age, at a time when many people still have children living at home.

‘With almost 4000 Victorians dying each year due to smoking, this is a scene that is being played out in lounge rooms across the state.

‘This campaign is a powerful reminder for smokers that your smoking doesn’t just affect you.

‘It affects your family too.

‘But what will be doesn’t have to be.

‘You can quit today and avoid the devastating consequences of leaving it too late to quit,’ Ms Sharkie said.

Minister for Health David Davis said the Government was committed to improving the health of all Victorians and had provided Quit Victoria with an additional $1 million for the Last Dance advertising campaign.

‘In total, the Government invested $9.2 million in 2012/2013 in tobacco control to support quit smoking activities.

‘The continuing decline in smoking shows that the investment in tobacco control is paying dividends,’ Mr Davis said.