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August 2019

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Mrs Cook (holding Audrey) watches her daughters, Isla and Isabella present obstetrician Chris Georgiou – and the staff at Angliss Hospital – a montage of Audrey.

Mum full of praise for her Angliss team

Allison Cook was in the late stages of her third pregnancy when she realised she had not felt her baby move much over the last few days.

‘I had two preschool age children, so it’s not like when I was a first-time mum – I was pretty relaxed about my pregnancy and busy with two little ones,’ Mrs Cook said.

It was when her Angliss Hospital midwife Rebecca Same asked her when she last felt a kick that Mrs Cook realised she was experiencing reduced foetal movement – a sign that something could be wrong with her baby.

What followed this conversation is now a blur but when Mrs Cook thinks about this day – the day her daughter Audrey was born – it was the faces of the hospital staff she remembered so vividly.

So she expressed her thanks in a letter.

She specially thanked Ms Same, who asked ‘has your baby moved today.’

She also singled out Eastern Health director of obstetrics Chris Georgiou ‘who performed my c-section.’

‘You explained everything to me as it was happening,’ Mrs Cook wrote to Dr Georgiou.

‘I don’t remember much of what you were saying but I do remember you being witty which helped me to keep calm.’

Mrs Cook also acknowledged two nurses who held her hand as CPR was being performed on her daughter.

‘I don’t think I ever looked at you but knew you were there and that small act helped me keep it together.’

Mrs Cook’s took her gratitude further.

She and her daughters recently visited the hospital to present Dr Georgiou – and the staff – with a montage of Audrey pictures.