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Victorian Population Health Survey

The Victorian Population Health Survey program was established in 1998 and collects quality information at the State, regional and local government area levels about the health, lifestyle and wellbeing of adult Victorians aged 18 years and over. The survey follows an established method to collect relevant, timely and valid health information which is applied to policy development and strategic planning.

Information is collected via computer assisted telephone interview on overall self-rated health status, level of psychological distress, body mass index (to determine weight status), the presence of chronic diseases, nutrition, physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumption. Information is also collected on participation in screening for bowel cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, high blood pressure, cholesterol and high blood sugar in addition to community participation, levels of social support and connections with others.

Interviews are conducted in the major non-English languages in Victoria to ensure people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are represented.

  Victorian population health survey 2014 - information brochure

Local area survey reports on the health and wellbeing of the population

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Victorian population health survey 2011-12 report

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State-wide survey reports on the health and wellbeing of the population

Victorian population health survey 2010 report and fact sheets

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Previous editions of the Victorian population health survey report, presenting quality information on the health of Victorians.