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Under One Roof Part 7 - A cause for action

  • 09 September 2015
  • Duration: 4:01
  • A cause for action


    Can I talk to you for a minute, please? Sure. I have a problem with Bruce in the next room. He’s playing music late at night and it’s keeping me awake when I'm trying to sleep. Do you want to make an official complaint? Yes, please. OK, well, would you like to come around here, and we’ll write it up.

    Silvia Borrelli, Lead Program Worker, SAVVI-SRS Supporting Connections: Everyone who lives in an SRS has the right to make a complaint about something that they're unhappy with. It often gives proprietors an opportunity to actually review some of the services that they provide, and unless someone makes a complaint then the proprietor may assume or staff may assume that everything is going very well. So it’s an opportunity, really, for a proprietor to review, really, some of their practices, and to maybe make things better so that it allows for a relationship to be maintained that is a positive one.

    Jillian Brennan, Proprietor, Brooklyn House: If people don't complain, there's obviously something wrong. I think there's no such thing as a perfect SRS. No such place. And complaints need to be dealt with so that you can improve your services.

    Sue Gery, Proprietor, Alma House: We try and deal with complaints at Alma House as quickly as possible and as effectively as possible. We cannot always do it that way, and it depends on what the complaint is, but we do always try to do something about it.

    Peter Gibson, Proprietor, Merriwa Grove & Delaney Manor: I think the best thing that works for us as far as dealing with a complaint is actually the timeliness. It is the thing of recognising and acknowledging the resident, letting them know you will do something about it and that you will investigate it. It might be that it is not substantiated, it might be a minor thing that needs to be fixed for them.Or it could be a genuine complaint where we have to take further action.

    Andrew Huntington, Proprietor, Cottisfield: Sometimes it can be quite deeper, too. Like, the initial complaint, you know - if you sit down and thrash it out with the resident, you know, where it is stemming from, the root of it may be - you might uncover a lot more.

    King Chen, Proprietor, Greenhaven: We must take complaints seriously. I know, most SRSs, I would assume, want to provide a very good quality of service in order to maintain residents, maintain a very high resident retention ratio.

    Therefore, you want to focus on maintaining that quality. If you don't take the complaints seriously, you are more likely to lead to some level of resident dissatisfaction.

    They are more likely to move to other SRSs or other facilities.

    Andrew Huntington, Proprietor, Cottisfield: Happy residents is a happy house - less behavioural issues. Happier staff, happier management, proprietors

Stories and information about managing and living in a supported residential service, focussing on making a complaint


This video was made with Viewmont Terrace, Cottisfield, Brooklyn House, Merriwa Grove, Delaney Manor, Greenhaven, Alma House and SVVI-SRS Supporting Connections.

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