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Small things, Big Difference

  • 11 February 2016
  • Duration: 9:23
  • Small things make a big difference DVD

    Hold on, hold on!

    Hi Ron!  How are you?


    So what are you up today, Ron? Oh, You getting ready to go out?

    Oh, happy Birthday, Ron!  Isn't Rosa lovely to remember every year? And how old are you this year mate?

    Too old.

    Never, of course you're not.  So are you going to Rosa’s for lunch as usual? 

    Not this year.  Too hard.  Can't get the taps working in the shower, can't get my ruddy shoes and socks on...  Can't turn up in me slippers.

    But you go to Rosa's every year. 

    Look I might have a few useful bits and pieces that'll help you out.  I mean how about we give them a go before you disappoint Rosa?

    Why dont we start in the bathroom and see how we go?


    Alright come on then right?

    Now, we have a tap turner you put that over the top of the taps like this, and it makes them much easier to turn. 


    Now Ive got a long handled toe washer so you can wash between your toes you can also use it to dry your toes when youre finished  

    Ive got this lotion applicator so you can use this to put your ointment on when youre finished your shower.


    So what do you think of all that? Give em a go?

    Suppose I could give them a go

    Ive also got some nail clippers for you Ill leave them on the table Ron, okay?

    Oh don't you look sharp? 

    Careful what are you trying to do?

    My going-out hat I cant reach it

    Yep OK try this

    Allright I'll leave you to it, then.

    Oh I've got something that will help you there Ron, its a sock aid

    So it helps you put your socks on a lot easier, now put that down here there you grab onto these straps alright

    Put your foot in then you slip that up you ohhh

    Ayyy  Beauty and once your done there this will help you put your shoes on Alright Alright

    Well, that’s me done I’ve changed the bedding I’ve got some washing out on the line you thinking of heading to Rosa’s?

    Yeah course I am  I've got to pick up a little something for a someone, but I will be there with bells on  And shoes, too.

    Good on you Ron and have a Happy birthday You have a good afternoon and Ill see you in a fortnight.

    Good on you

    See you

    See you

    Ciao bella, how are you today?

    Good Rosa, how are you?

    Im getting ready for Ron's birthday today, so we have to go to the shops pronto, okay? 

    Ok do you need to make a list

    All done I did it while I waited.

    These keys! They make them so small now...

    Let me have a look, Rosa try this

    Ah! Thats more like it.

    I’ve got something that might help you Rosa try this  bottom first  that’s it ahhh

    You full of surprises today, Louisa. 

    It is going to be even better than last year more delicious yes best one I ever make was a 1962

    Was it

    I make the best pannecotta

    So I know what to do with everything, I just gotta get them open now you know

    I think I can help you there Rosa for Jars  bottles and cans.  OK slide this under here there you go would you like to do the honours  I do yes push down just lever it down thats it thats it

    Clever girl, Louisa  Okay, stand back, Rosa she is going to cook up the storm.

    Okay well, if youre all ok in here I might make a start on the vacuuming.


    Ah, these hands of mine...I used to be able to peel two carrots at a time, but now...maybe you can just do one or two for me?

    Easy grip peeler, Rosa.

    Ohhh biodynamicCarrot, bella.

    Ok well thats me all done now, Rosa  Can I take this rubbish out as I go unless there is anything else you need help with before I go?

    One more thing  Very important

    You think this outfit looks okay

    I think it looks perfect

    Ohh but I can change, I have a green frock with flowers.  Or the blue

    Rosa you look lovely you always do. 

    Okay, thank you bella. You know, I would not have got everything ready without you.  You take care, okay

    Thank you  You have a lovely lunch, and Ill see you next time. Ill let myself out, okay? Ciao

    Ok see you next time ciao

    Ciao, ciao

    Aw well don't you look smart Ron hey its smelling great in there youre in for a real treat.

    Oh you didnt need to

    You think she'll like it?

    Think she'll love it happy birthday mate

This is a training video for community support workers on how the "Small things make a big difference".

Reviewed 11 February 2016


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