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Older male unsuccessful

  • 02 December 2015
  • Duration: 2.03
  • Doctor: right Ian, look we’ve gone through your results which you know is good and we’ve got a few minutes left so there’s something that I’ve been meaning to bring up with you. You know you hearts not that great, it’s, not in good shape. You could have another heart attack any second.

    Patient: oh shezz..

    Doctor: so I just wondered if you’ve thought about what you might do if, if that were to happen and you weren’t able to make decisions for your self, say, say you did have a big heart attack and you didn’t actually die, you would be alive and you were unconscious, have you thought about you might like….

    Patient: I, I, I don’t like thinking about those sort of things because I’m not qualified to think about those sort things but, the way your discussing it, it’s sort of getting me a little uptight over it.

    Doctor: Well, look well I guess it’s, it’s a fact of life isn’t it. I mean you could have a heart attack as I said at any time, so it’s something you’ve got to face up to. If, if it were to happen then, then what would you want us to do? I mean would you want us to, to stick a tube down your throat and, put you on a ventilator and keep you in intensive care.

    Patient: look I, I don’t know. I’m a motor mechanic by trade and I just fix engines. I wouldn’t have a clue what you people do.

    Doctor: well I mean you could think about whether you want us to, to do your breathing for you with a machine or you know if your kidneys packed up do you want us to put you on dialysis…

    Patient: isn’t that a decision that you people have got to make not me?

    Doctor: we can do the stuff, but we can’t necessary decide for you if you want it done. Do, do you want dialysis, be fed by a tube, do you want to be intubated and on a ventilator?

    Patient: I don’t, I don’t know half of these things.

    Doctor: (speaking over the top of the patient) do you want antibiotics?

    Patient: there too technical for me even to take into consideration. Look you’re getting me really up tight over this.

    Doctor: alright, alright. Well it looks like we’re not going to get anywhere.

    Patient: I wouldn’t think so. No.

    Doctor: yes. Yes.

    Patient: alright, but, I probably want to bring it up again with you.

    Patient: I would rather you not. I, I just, it’s just upsetting me too much. I don’t think I want to go any further with this.

    Doctor: alright. Well Alright Ian it is up to you but look, I think it is something you’re going to have to face up to.

    Patient: well just let us agree to disagree. I’m sorry. I don’t want to carry on with it.

    Doctor: alright.

This video shows ineffective communication between treating doctor and patient with their discussions on management plan options in the event that client is not able to make directives about his future health plan.

Reviewed 02 December 2015


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