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Neonatal eHandbook - quick access for Android

  • 27 January 2016
  • Duration: 1:10
  • Spend a few seconds once, and access clear, up-to-date practical advice for neonatal clinicians from your phone home screen. 

    Add a bookmark to your home screen by following these  simple steps.

    First, open your browser.

    Then, open the neonatal site at

    Tap the ‘Add a bookmark’ button, which is normally in the top right of the browser window.

    Now, tap on the ‘Add bookmark’ button. Give your bookmark a name. Choose where you want to save the bookmark to, and tap on ‘Save’. On the next screen, tap and hold the bookmark you have created. You will then see a pop-up. From this, select ‘Add shortcut to home screen’.

    Now, when you return to the home screen, you will see the icon has been added.

    Now you can simply tap on the icon on your home screen to access the eHandbook.
Instructions on how to add a bookmark for the Neonatal eHandbook on your Android phone.

Reviewed 27 January 2016


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