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Funding Models Forum 2017 - Closing remarks

  • 18 October 2017
  • Duration: 1:53
  • So I just wanted to close off today just again to thank you guys for your time today, I realized that there's always a lot of information to be gained in to understand it, we can't please everyone and unfortunately there's always be some things that health services will say this this is that I think I heard a fair bit of mix of even the first start with outpatients about being what happens if we don't have enough activity versus ones if we have too much and I think that's a bit a part of our role is trying to make this as equal as possible, but I do appreciate for everyone to come in and keep giving us your input I guess that's what my message I really want to convey across is we're very happy to listen always happy to think about how can we improve our systems for the future. So you know a lot of good discussion today a lot that I actually took away and I've actually written a few notes and a few things that I'm even interested in following up with the team and think about the future, but you know do ask the questions to collate your questions, hopefully you'll see today but there will be even the presenters will be around at the end if you've got anything else that you want to ask, particularly about your health service, can ask it to to presenter is you can ask it to Denise, you can ask it to myself. Very happy to always answer questions on it.

    Moving forward we will be establishing a CEO reference group for a whole lot of the policy decisions and engaging a lot earlier I think probably this year was, we Acknowledge, was a fairly late and a lot of the process and we wanting to engage a lot earlier with the people so there's probably some communication coming out around that to health services so just knowing that that's going on. So some of those vehicles to contribute a lot earlier as well .But apart from that yeah wanted to thank you know all the information shows that I hope it has been helpful in you working out your budgets and our performance meetings will follow up with CFOs and CEOs and all those discussions.

    So thank you all have a good day,


Closing remarks from the Funding Models Forum, 17 August 2017.

Reviewed 18 October 2017


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