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Evidence into Action Forum - February 2015

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      My name is Tony Kambourakis, I’m Director of Emergency Medicine at Monash Medical Centre and I’m the Chair of the Emergency Care Clinical Network.

      The ECCN Forum is an annual event, now in its 7th year. It brings together emergency clinicians and other clinicians from around Victoria and it’s an opportunity to present latest updates in care, as well as showcase local innovations in practice.

      This year, we’re presenting updates in the management of trauma. We’re also showcasing local innovation in the areas of improving patient experience in emergency departments and improving medication safety, improving blood and blood product safety and also improving clinical handover and recognising patients at risk of deterioration.

      We have attendees from throughout Victoria. This year, we’ve got over 190 attendees, mainly doctors and nurses from emergency departments in metropolitan Melbourne and from the regions. We’ve also got representatives from rural hospitals, private hospitals, the ambulance service, universities, and we’ve also got some allied health professionals and some pharmacists.

      The expected outcomes are to present updates in clinical management. It’s also an opportunity to showcase work that’s happening in departments around the state and for participants to take back ideas that they’ve learnt from today to see if they can implement them in their own hospitals. It’s also an opportunity for everyone to network and to see each other.

    Victoria's Emergency Care Clinical Network held its seventh annual forum ‘Evidence into action’ on 24 February 2015 in Melbourne.

    A total of 204 people attended, with the majority being emergency clinicians from 30 emergency departments across Victoria.

    Clinical experts presented the latest evidence on management of patients on warfarin with high INR, an evidence-based peri-intubation bundle of care, management of indwelling urinary catheters and evidence-based COPD bundle of care.

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