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2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards - Introduction

  • 09 September 2015
  • Duration: 2:21
  • Speaker 1: I leave these evenings in awe of public healthcare delivery in this state. The efforts of people, extraordinary and ordinary, working together, deliver extraordinary care right throughout this state.

    Speaker 2: Almost from the top to the bottom, people are in the system because they believe in both addressing health inequity and ensuring that the entire population has access to the best possible health standards that are available.

    Speaker 3: I guess people don’t necessarily come into this kind of work for massive amounts of wealth. They come in because they want to effect change. It’s not about buildings, it’s not about machines; it’s actually about the people and what they need.

    Speaker 1: This year, we celebrate 10 years of healthcare awards. That’s a remarkable achievement and it is amazing how they have survived, prospered and grown over that 10-year period.

    Speaker 4: Well, we didn’t think we’re going to win. We’re up against the big health services because, you know, we’re from [indistinct 1:33]. So, it was just amazing to win.

    Speaker 5: Because, at the time that we were doing this work, it was very new. We had to fight a bit to get heard and, I think, winning the award for us, showed what we were doing meant something.

    Speaker 6: It’s lovely to hear patients give positive feedback. When it’s your peers, it just adds this glow to the award.

    Speaker 7: At the time, it had been such a busy establishment phase, it was a really valuable opportunity to stop and look and what we’ve done but it gave us the [indistinct 2:04] to move on because we had looked at that data and gone well, what were the things that were working and what are our priorities going forward.

2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards - Segment 1 - Introduction

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