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2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards - Innovation

  • 09 September 2015
  • Duration: 2:22
  • Speaker 1: When the judging panel is looking at an application which is highlighting innovation, it’s important to … not only is that innovation sustainable and verifiable, but also that it is transferrable across settings and across geography. That’s been a critical aspect of improvement in healthcare delivery throughout the ages.

    Speaker 2: There’s never going to be enough money to do everything that anyone would think of and I think it’s important, in terms of improving how we do things, the way we do things, trying to be as responsible as we can for the healthcare dollar.

    Speaker 3: Programs emerge out of new ideas because many of the wicked problems that government deals with, they don’t have the simple answers and what we try to encourage, at a grassroots level, is that general commitment and willingness to have a go, to see whether it makes a difference to people on the ground.

    Speaker 4: The people on the floor actually know how to make a difference and how to make it better, and let’s support them and encourage them and allow them to be those innovative, creative, amazing staff that they are.

    Speaker 5: For those few who need extraordinary efforts to make things happen to guarantee survival or to make life better, to have access to something which is beyond the standard, which is not evidence-based, which is new and innovative and where people need to go to make their step into an unknown world.

    Speaker 6: I’d like to see us continue to maintain our position on the cutting edge of research and in the delivery of patient care that really is of an international standard. There really is no better healthcare anywhere.

2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards - Innovation

Reviewed 09 September 2015


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