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2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards – Clients

  • 09 September 2015
  • Duration: 2:37
  • Speaker 1: An additional criterion for the judging panels is how well services that have nominated – how well have they engaged and empowered their patients or their consumers in the delivery of healthcare for those individuals.

    Speaker 2: Your life’s on hold, waiting for that call. You can’t lead the life you want to lead because you’re stuck on a machine every second night. You’re wondering where are you going to be at in five years because you don’t know if you’re going to get that call. You don’t know if you’re going to get that opportunity.

    Speaker 3: You meet many people who have been to the depths of despair. They come out of that depth of despair with a lot of wisdom and, certainly, a lot of humour.

    Speaker 4: I have been able to speak about things that really I haven’t spoken to anyone else about. I’ve sort of been given permission, in a way to, to feel bad. I didn’t have to try and be brave with these people.

    Speaker 5: The sorts of conversations that I have with them and the sorts of things I’m able to do is very uplifting for me. I get to hear and be part of somebody’s life and, often, that’s quite a vulnerable time period and it’s not something most people would get the opportunity [to do].

    Speaker 6: In the other centre, you have to fit in to a routine, whereas I create my routine. It means I’m an individual.

    Speaker 7: Often, I meet people when they’re very unwell and their life doesn’t seem to be panning out the way that they wanted it to and it’s an enormous privilege to be able to be involved in the most intimate moments of people’s lives and improve it for them.

    Speaker 8: And it’s just helping me, in my own mind, to get better and to look forward. You wake up every morning – it’s another day. You’re just feeling a little bit better about yourself and, when the afternoon comes, you’re feeling better. In the evenings, you’re feeling better again.

The 2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards were presented at a ceremony in October 2014.

Reviewed 09 September 2015


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