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Referrals by service providers to SRS

Key messages

  • Each supported residential service (SRS) has its own referral process
  • Referrals need to provide SRS as much information as possible 
  • SRS have the right to refuse a referral
  • Service providers may refer individuals to SRS

Before referral

The service provider should conduct a risk assessment as part of the referral process to determine the person’s suitability for an SRS placement.

Obtain the person’s consent to disclose their information to the SRS and give them the chance to visit the facility before placement. Each service provider will need to consider the legislation and organisational policies that apply to their situation. For example, m

Mental health services are bound by the confidentiality and information disclosure provisions of the Mental Health Act 2014.

Referral information for the SRS

Each SRS has its own referral process. Contact the SRS to confirm their referral process and request a copy of their referral form.

Referrals need to provide SRS with as much information as possible so the SRS can make an informed decision about whether they can meet a person’s needs and contribute to a successful placement.

At minimum, referrals should provide the following information:

  • name of the service provider making the referral
  • your name and contact number
  • contact name and phone number of health care providers, including mental health triage service (or other 24-hour contact details)
  • other key contacts (such as family members or other services)
  • relevant history or current assessments
  • medication - name, purpose, dose and frequency
  • discharge care plan or hospital discharge summary, if appropriate
  • any behavioural issues or medical conditions, and guidance on appropriate action for managing these issues.

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing has developed guidelines for staff working in mental health services and SRS. This aims to ensure referrals from mental health services to SRS are appropriate, transitions from mental health services to SRS occur smoothly and appropriate follow-up support is provided.

Accepting a referral

The SRS will use information in the referral form to decide whether they can provide the right support for the person, and meet statutory and regulatory obligations.

SRS have the right to refuse a referral.

Reviewed 10 September 2021


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