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Telehealth refers to healthcare delivery or related activities (such as education), when some of the participants are separated by distance and information and communications technologies are used to overcome that distance.

Telehealth can be a cost-effective, real-time and convenient alternative to the more traditional face-to-face way of providing healthcare, professional advice and education. It can help to remove many of the barriers currently experienced by health consumers and professionals, such as distance, time and cost, which can prevent or delay the delivery of timely and appropriate healthcare services and educational support.

The objectives of using telehealth are to:

  • improve patient outcomes
  • drive greater efficiency in the way health care is delivered
  • support the delivery of the quality health care across the state
  • make telehealth a viable alternate to the way some health care is traditionally delivered.

The Department of Health & Human Services has prepared a resource document for health services and other interested stakeholders that aims to identify the key issues that are identified as essential to building a sustainable telehealth service. Critical Success Factors: how to establish a successful telehealth service resource draws on the experience of current telehealth projects to highlight those factors that will improve likelihood of success and some ‘sticking points’ that have hindered some efforts at implementing telehealth models of care.

Reviewed 24 October 2021


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