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Key messages

  • The Plan to Act forum provided information for residential aged care services plan to respond to emergencies and natural disasters.
  • A number of documents and resources for residential aged care services were produced out of the forum.

The Department of Health & Human Services hosted a two-day Plan to Act forum for Victorian residential aged care services (RACS) about responding effectively to emergencies and natural disasters. The forum aimed to:

  • help RACS better understand their obligations for planning and responding in emergency situations
  • help RACS better plan if they need to relocate residents, shelter in place or evacuate in an emergency
  • provide expert information
  • share knowledge and experience of people previously affected by Victorian disasters.

The following documents provide more information:

  • Your responsibilities as an approved provider of residential aged care
  • Emergency management update
  • We thought our plans would work
  • Victoria’s emergency management framework
  • Who are you going to call?
  • Charlton, a muddy great big mess
  • The role of local government in emergency management
  • Fire, security and other emergencies – How do you comply?

The department has also prepared resources to help RACS plan and prepare for a range of emergencies, including bushfires, heatwaves and other natural hazards.

The following websites also provide information about planning for emergencies:

Reviewed 09 September 2015


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