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Victoria’s consultative councils are ministerial advisory committees that report on highly specialised areas of healthcare in order to reduce mortality and morbidity through education or system improvement or reform.

This is achieved through:

  • collection, analysis and reporting of data relating to mortality and morbidity cases
  • identification of avoidable or contributing factors
  • generation of recommendations that inform priority areas for research, quality and safety improvements, and policy developments.

The two active consultative councils are:

The councils are supported by the department to undertake their functions, including the coordination of council activities; the management of sensitive and confidential mortality and morbidity information; the preparation of correspondence and complex reports; and liaison with stakeholders, including public and private health services and the Coroners Court of Victoria.

Find out more about the consultative councils at the Independent review councils section of the Better Safer Care website.

Reviewed 10 March 2020


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