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The Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset (VAED) manual provides VAED contributors and users with a complete dataset resource including:

  • definitions of data items
  • how to compile and submit data
  • information for contributors and data users
  • valid code lists and links to reference files
  • contact details for support services

This manual together with subsequent HDSS Bulletins forms the data submission specifications for each financial year.

The manual is broken down into the following sections:

  • Section 1 Introduction
    Guide to uses of the VAED, data submission deadlines, contact details, useful references and publications.
  • Section 2 Concepts and derived items
    Definitions of concepts and derived items that contribute to the VAED
  • Section 3 Data definitions
    Specifications of data items relating to individual admitted patient episodes of care.
  • Section 4 Business rules
    Business rules that apply for reporting data to the VAED.
  • Section 5 Compilation and transmission
    Specifications for compiling a transmission file to send data to the VAED.
  • Section 6 Request reports
    Reports hospitals can request in the header record of any transmission file sent to the VAED.
  • Section 7 Control reports
    Description of standard control reports automatically returned to the hospital when they submit data to the VAED.
  • Section 8 Validation
    Listing in numerical order of all VAED validation messages with guide to assist in correcting the data.
  • Section 9 APET system
    User guide to the Admitted Patient Entry and Transmission (APET) system, a web-based data entry system for sites with small throughput and no in-house patient management system capable of creating transmission file in correct format.
  • Section 10 Testing
    Testing section of VAED manual.


Policies and guidelines
Date published
07 Jun 2021
3 - 156 pages

Reviewed 08 June 2021

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