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Primary Care Partnership achievements

Key messages

  • Government departments, Primary Care Partnerships and health providers can learn from partnership experiences to date.


The Primary Care Partnerships (PCP) Program has been reviewed in light of significant changes to the health landscape since the program's establishment in 2000.

Visit the Review of PCP Program page to see the program's latest developments.

Evaluating the Primary Care Partnership strategy

The Primary Care Partnership (PCP) strategy, launched in 2000, aims to improve primary care in Victoria by delivering integrated and holistic services for consumers. The strategy supports health and human service organisations to work together to introduce common systems and practices, which would make it easier for Victorians using the services. Under the strategy, primary health service organisations deliver more integrated models of care and improve service coordination, and improve better health and wellbeing outcomes.

Government departments, PCPs and primary health providers can learn from partnership experiences and achievements to date.

Primary Care Partnerships: achievements from 2000 to 2010

Primary Care Partnerships: achievements 2000 to 2010 summarises the strategy's main achievements since it was introduced in 2000. Key statewide achievements include:

  • agreed standards for service coordination
  • service coordination tools for screening, referral and coordinated care planning
  • up-to-date service information
  • integrated health promotion activities that focus on hard-to-reach and vulnerable groups
  • more Victorians receiving care from multidisciplinary teams including state-funded and private providers
  • building new skills and capacity
  • new annual reporting that produces quantitative evidence of quality of care.

PCPs have built on these achievements since 2010.

Partnerships for effective integrated health promotion

HDG Consulting evaluated the PCP approach to integrated health promotion in 2008. They found:

  • improved integrated planning
  • increased organisational capacity for health promotion
  • economic and other benefits for PCP members
  • healthier communities.

Strengthening partnerships

Click Consulting evaluated the Strengthening Partnerships workshops conducted in 2008. Workshop participants discussed strategies, skills and resources that can improve relationships between partnership members, using practical examples. They also identified ideas to develop PCPs in the future.

Reviewed 04 November 2021


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