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Key messages

  • The Department of Health is currently conducting the 2023 Victorian Population Health Survey – a telephone survey using mobile phones.
  • The Victorian Population Health Survey provides an annual assessment of the health and wellbeing of adults living in Victoria and the determinants of health and wellbeing, including the social determinants of health.
  • The 2023 survey also collects sensitive information about gender identity, mental health, family violence, and experiences of discrimination.
  • The survey's findings will be used to inform evidence-based policy development and strategic planning across the Department of Health, other government departments, and the wider community to improve the health and wellbeing of Victorians.

Contacting people to participate in the survey

As part of the 2023 Victorian Population Health Survey, TKW Research has been appointed to conduct the survey.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has granted TKW Research access to the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) to conduct this public health research.

The IPND is a record of most Australian phone numbers, including ‘silent’ numbers.

TKW Research will call phone numbers from this list and invite Victorian adults aged 18 years and over to participate in a telephone interview. Interviews will take about 30 minutes to complete.

You will be called directly to participate in the survey and if you are unable to answer at the time, you will receive the following voice message from TKW research:

Hello – I am calling from TKW Research in Seaford on behalf of the Victorian Department of Health.

We are calling mobile phones to contact people living in Victoria, aged 18 years and over, to conduct an important study about health and wellbeing. The results will be used for policy, planning and research purposes to improve the health of the Victorian population.

Please call the department on 1800 658 830 if you would like to schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient to you, otherwise we will try to call back at another time.

For more information about the Victorian Population Health Survey, please visit the department’s survey webpage or call the 1800 number.

Thank you.

During the interview

Participants are offered to listen to a pre-recorded message on privacy. Participants who choose not to listen to the message can also refer to the text version of the privacy message.

  • The Department of Health is committed to protecting your privacy. The department collects and handles personal health information in this Victorian Population Health Survey to ensure that population health programs remain relevant and responsive to current and emerging health issues.

    This survey collects quality information at the State and regional levels about the health, lifestyle and wellbeing of adults living in Victoria who are aged 18 years and over.

    Any information and publications based on the survey will only contain aggregated and de-identified data. Participation in the survey is completely voluntary and there are no consequences if you choose not to participate.

    The survey call will be recorded for quality and training purposes and the recording will be deleted once it is no longer required.

    TKW Research will be conducting the survey on behalf of the department. Please refer to our TKW Privacy policyExternal Link . We may be contacted at 1300 878 955.

    As the information will be anonymised immediately after this call you will be unable to access the information you have provided once the call has ended.

    For more information on the conduct of the survey, please call the department’s survey number on 1800 658 830. Visit Privacy at the Department of Health for more information on privacy policy.

More information

All previous reports of the VPHS are published by the Department of Health, Victoria, and are available at the Victorian Population Health Survey page.

To find out about what happens to your data, how is it being used and how we protect the privacy and confidentiality of the information you provide, please see Privacy at the Department of Health page.

If you would like more information, or to arrange a telephone interview appointment time, please call the department on 1800 658 830.

Your participation is entirely voluntary. In order for us to collect accurate information, it is important that as many people as possible participate in this survey. All information is treated in strict confidence protected by law.

Reviewed 16 March 2023


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