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NEPT licence approval in principle

Key messages

  • You may choose to apply for an approval in principle to provide a non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) service.
  • An approval in principle gives you the opportunity to check to see if you fulfill NEPT requirements before significant outlay.
  • You can vary or transfer your approval in principle.

A person or company may apply for an approval in principle (AIP) to operate a non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) service. An AIP is not compulsory; it is possible to apply for a NEPT licence without first obtaining an AIP.

The AIP process allows you to assess whether you will meet the requirements for licensing before you commit to purchasing vehicles or premises. It also allows you to remedy any issues that might prevent you from obtaining a licence.

Once the AIP has been granted you must apply for an NEPT service licence. You cannot begin operation as an NEPT until a licence has been granted.

Guides to application, variation and transfer

The Non-Emergency Patient Transport and First Aid Services Regulation unit has prepared a guide to help new licence applicants for an AIP.

When you are granted an AIP, you may apply to vary the certificate (including any conditions) or transfer the certificate to another person.

A guide to applying for a variation or transfer of a certificate of AIP is also available. The guide includes schedule forms, checklists and other relevant paperwork.

Reviewed 06 July 2022


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