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E-Learning Resources

Virtual Hospital - Interactive website visually demonstrating dementia-friendly design in an acute hospital setting, University of Stirling Dementia Services Development Centre.
Dementia Enabling Environments - Provides interactive information on ways to adapt different environments for people with dementia. Dementia Enabling Environments Project (DEEP) Alzheimer's WA.


Iridis app - University of Stirling Dementia Services Development Centre, 2017. Available on iTunes and Google Play.
BEAT-D - Built Environment Assessment Tool: Dementia. Available on iTunes and Google Play.


Code Plus- A report and audit tool developed to create an elder friendly hospital. Parke and Friesen, Fraser Health Canada, 2015.
Dementia Friendly Environmental Audit Tools & Services - A selection of Environmental Audit Tools including The Environmental Audit Tool (EAT). Dementia Enabling Environments Project, Alzheimer's Western Australia, 2015.

Dementia Friendly Hospitals from a Universal Design Approach: Design guidelines 2018. A set of guidelines developed to provide detailed and practical information to create hospital environments that actively support the health and well-being of people with dementia.

Enhancing Healing Environments (EHE) Assessment tools - Developed by The King's Fund, the EHE Assessment tools enables hospitals, care homes, primary care premises and specialist housing providers to become more dementia friendly. Available to download and print after completing an information form. 
Disability Access Symbols - Universal symbols that can be used to increase the ease of wayfinding for older people. Graphic Artists Guild, USA, 2018.
Changing Places - Advocates for public toilets with full sized change tables and hoists in major public spaces, including hospitals, across Australia.
Colour Perception and Contrast - Dementia Enabling Environments, Alzheimer's Western Australia, 2015.

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