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Victorian visa nomination offers residency opportunity for mental health workers

A new social media campaign highlights the Victorian nominated visa program.

Campaign poster: smiling female medical professional and the words "Make your mark in Victoria"

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) has launched a new campaign to encourage skilled migrants to remain living and working in Victoria.

The campaign highlights the Victorian Government’s visa nomination program, which offers a pathway to permanent residency.

The program is aimed at professionals already living and working in Victoria.

Psychiatrists and mental health nurses working in Victoria on temporary visas are among those eligible to apply.

The campaign targets skilled migrants in the mental health, medical research, life science and health sectors, who are supporting Victoria’s coronavirus health response and economic recovery.

To find out more about the Victorian nominated visa program, visit the Live in Melbourne websiteExternal Link .

Reviewed 25 March 2022


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