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Surgery activity to increase with $1.5 billion COVID Catch-Up Plan

Front view of Frankston Hospital
Frankston Hospital

A record number of Victorians will receive surgery under the Victorian Government’s COVID Catch-Up Plan, designed to catch up on deferred care and get more people into theatres and off the waiting list. 

The plan includes a $1.5 billion investment that will see more than 240,000 public patients receive surgery each year by 2024 – more than 40,000 additional procedures per year than pre-pandemic levels. 

In a Victorian first, Frankston Private Hospital will be transformed into a public surgery centre for COVID catch-up care with the capacity to support up to 9,000 public patients per year once fully operational in 2023. 

The three-year investment will also: 

  • expand activity in our public hospitals, increasing same-day surgeries, extending twilight and after-hours work and theatre improvements to increase efficiency 
  • create Rapid Access Hubs to exclusively perform specific surgeries, increasing the number of surgeries that can be performed each day 
  • allow more public patients to be treated in private hospitals 
  • establish a Surgical Equipment Innovation Fund to ensure our health services can upgrade their surgical equipment and diagnostic machines with the latest technology. 

The funding is in addition to the government’s $1.4 billion funding package announced in February to address the ongoing pressures of COVID-19 on our healthcare system. 

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Reviewed 03 April 2022


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