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National consultation on use of the title 'surgeon'

Image of doctors performing surgery to a patient

Australia’s health ministers are concerned that use of the title ‘surgeon’ by medical practitioners may be confusing for the public. A focus of this concern is the practice of cosmetic surgery where practitioners use the informal title ‘cosmetic surgeon’.

National consultation is being held to help determine if there is widespread belief among the general public that cosmetic surgery, and the title ‘cosmetic surgeon’, are regulated in the same way as other fields of surgery. It will also determine whether all ‘cosmetic surgeons’ are understood to have the same qualifications and training as surgeons in accredited specialties. Health ministers would also like to know if the practice of cosmetic surgery and use of the informal title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ is associated with risks and harm to the public.

The consultation process is available to all stakeholders and members of the public and will help inform options for regulatory reform.

For more information about the consultation, or to make a submission, see Medical practitioners' use of the title surgeon under the National Law page in Engage Victoria website.

Reviewed 04 February 2022


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