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Mental Health Royal Commission delivers its final report


Today is a new start for the mental health of Victorians as the Government prepares to deliver the biggest social reform in a generation: building a new and better mental health system, from the ground up.

Two years ago the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System was established and today is handing down its Final Report – a report that serves as a blueprint for transformation of a broken system.

There are 65 recommendations in the Final Report, in addition to the nine recommendations in the Interim Report which set out a 10-year vision for a balanced, flexible and responsive system.

For a long time, gaps in the system meant people were missing out on vital support; lifesaving in some cases. For many, help is coming too late, or people are met by closed doors and complexity that makes their mental health even worse.

This Final Report recommends an integrated system with community at its heart. A system that promotes inclusion and addresses inequality, ensures people’s safety, and confronts stigma and discrimination. Rebuilding the trust and confidence of users and workers through real support, greater funding, and realistic caseloads.

These reforms aim to rebalance the system so that more services will be delivered in community settings and extend beyond an acute health response to a more holistic approach across the community.

This report also provides clarity around the governance of the mental health system, the legislation that supports it – these structural changes will help drive the long overdue improvements.

If you would like to learn more about the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System and read the Final Report, visit the Royal Commission’s website.

If you or someone you know would like specific help or advice, you can contact:

For situations that are harmful or life-threatening contact emergency services immediately – triple zero (000).

Reviewed 01 November 2021


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