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Medical internships

A medical internship will provide you with structured experiences to enable you to consolidate and extend your theoretical knowledge and technical skills in a relatively protected environment.

The recruitment of all medical intern places in Victoria is coordinated annually by the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) on behalf of Victorian health services.

The Department of Health & Human Services funds the PMCV to improve the educational and training opportunities available and to support the welfare and career development of doctors who have recently graduated or started working in the Victorian health system.

Rural Community Intern Training

Rural Community Intern Training (RCIT) is an intern training model based in small rural and subregional hospitals with core and non-core rotations to larger regional hospitals, general practices and community settings.

There are currently five RCIT programs in Victoria, one in each of the five Victorian rural regions:

  • Barwon-South Western – South West Community Intern Program
  • Grampians – Grampians Rural Community Intern Program
  • Gippsland – East Gippsland Community Based Intern Program
  • Hume – Murray to Mountains Intern Program
  • Loddon Mallee – Echuca Intern Network

Applications to RCIT programs for 2016 internships can be made through the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) intern computer match. For more information about the PMCV intern computer match, please visit the computer match websiteExternal Link , or contact the PMCV on (03) 9419 1217 or by email at

For more information about RCIT programs in Victoria, please see the fact sheet below.

Prevocational Medical Education and Training

The department provides funds for Prevocational Medical Education and Training(PMET) to a number of health services. PMET funds can be used by health services to employ medical education officers (MEOs) and others to support the provision of quality medical education and training for medical graduates.

See the Prevocational Medical Education and Training (PMET) program – Approved uses of funds document below.

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