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Top specialist appointed as quality and safety leader

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Experienced cardiologist Associate Professor Andrew Wilson has been appointed as the state's Chief Medical Officer.

His appointment follows the uncovering last year of the tragic events at Djerriwarrh Health Services which led to a number of women learning their baby's death could possibly have been avoided.

Associate Professor Wilson had worked in both the public and private sectors and is developing strategies to strengthen the safety of our hospitals - ensuring they have the appropriate governance, systems and processes in place for doctors and nurses to deliver high quality, safe care.

He will work closely with Better Care Victoria, the Clinical Networks and Clinical Consultative Councils to ensure a joint focus.

The creation of the new position is one of a number of moves to bolster the state's governance of safety and quality in its hospitals.

A panel has been established to advise the Government where hospital processes, and the Department of Health and Human Services, can be improved to achieve best practice.

The panel will also inform the development of the role of the new Chief Medical Officer, and how it reports to the Government.

The panel will be chaired by respected health sector leader Dr Stephen Duckett, Director of Health Programs at the Grattan Institute.

Dr Duckett will be informed by experts in hospital safety and quality and is expected to report back to the Government later this year.

Reviewed 25 February 2016


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