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There have now been eight deaths that may have occurred as a result of conditions relating to the thunderstorm asthma events last week.

One patient continues to receive specialist ICU care in a Melbourne hospital and remains in a critical condition.

This was a tragic and unforeseen event and hospitals are continuing to treat 7 people for a variety of respiratory and other related conditions.

Across last Monday and Tuesday, hospitals treated more than 8,500 patients.

Ambulance paramedics, emergency services staff and dedicated doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff saved the lives hundreds of Victorians who received treatment as a result of their symptoms.

Asthmatics should continue to take medication as usual, to seek help as required from their GP or a health professional, and to stay inside when dust or pollen is irritating.

In the case of an acute asthma attack, as always, an ambulance may be needed.

People experiencing asthma like symptoms for the first time should visit their GP for advice and if appropriate develop an asthma management plan.

Reviewed 29 November 2016


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