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RCH Hospital patients isolated, being assessed

Published by Department of Health & Human Services

The Department of Health & Human Services has confirmed two patients are being assessed at the Royal Children’s Hospital by infectious diseases experts.

The patients had been isolated as a precaution in accordance with universal infection control procedures and were being assessed for a range of infections - including Ebola Virus Disease.

There is no evidence of these patients being at risk of contracting Ebola Virus Disease - and the initial clinical assessment has suggested it is exceedingly unlikely that the patients have Ebola.

And the broader community is not at risk of contracting the Ebola virus - regardless of whether the patient has ebola.

The Royal Children’s Hospital is designated to provide care for children under 16 for assessment and management of patients suspected of a viral haemorrhagic fever such as ebola.

While Ebola is a very serious disease, it is not highly contagious as it cannot be caught through coughing or sneezing.

The risk of infection is extremely low unless there has been direct exposure to the bodily fluids of an infected person or animal (alive or dead).

The Department of Health has a well-developed Victorian Ebola Virus Disease Response Plan which has been issued to all hospitals, paramedics and broader ambulance workforce, general practices, and other medical staff.

Reviewed 26 February 2015


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