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Flouride to benefit dental health in Kilmore area

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Drinking water in Kilmore is to be fluoridated, Victoria’s deputy Chief Health Officer, Dr Michael Ackland said today.

“The dental health benefits of fluoridated water supplies are proven – its use has been validated by medical and scientific research,” Dr Ackland said.

“Research from Australia’s peak health research and advice body, the National Health and Medical Research Council, confirms that fluoridation of drinking water remains the most effective and socially equitable way of providing all community members with the benefits of fluoride.

Currently 90 per cent of Victorians drink water with either naturally occurring or added fluoride. Melbourne and some regional centres have had fluoridated drinking water for more than 30 yearsand more than half of Goulburn Valley Water’s residential customers are currently provided with a fluoridated supply.

The introduction of water fluoridation throughout remaining non-fluoridated centres such as Kilmore is a vital step towards improving the oral health of all Victorians.

A fluoridation plant is currently being built at the Kilmore Water Treatment Plant. Locations that will receive the benefits of water fluoridation will be Kilmore, Kilmore East, Wandong, Wandong West and Heathcote Junction.

This system is currently programmed to commence commissioning in March 2015 and is expected to be fully operational by June 2015.

Goulburn Valley Water has been requested by the Secretary of the Department of Health to fluoridate the drinking water supply for Kilmore and surrounding areas.

Locally, water fluoridation is supported by Mitchell Shire Council and the Hume Oral Health Partnership and is endorsed by Goulburn Valley Water.

More broadly Water fluoridation is supported by leading international and national organisations including the World Health Organisation, the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Australian Dental Association and Australian Medical Association.

Dr Ackland said water fluoridation is safe and effective and helps protect everybody’s teeth against decay regardless of age, gender, income or education levels.

“In particular, children who live in fluoridated areas of Victoria experience considerably less decay than those in non-fluoridated areas.

“Residents of Kilmore are encouraged to seek further information from their dentist, GP, pharmacist or maternal and child health nurse or through a special toll free information line.”

The communities will be kept informed about timing and further information is available by calling 1800 651 723. Additional information about fluoridation is available at water flouridation.

Reviewed 09 April 2014


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