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Evaluation positive for Zone, Assembly & Advocate

Published by Department of Health & Human Services

An evaluation by independent consulting firm Deloitte has found the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone, Latrobe Health Assembly and Latrobe Health Advocate have positively impacted health and wellbeing outcomes in the Latrobe Valley.

Over the last three years, Deloitte has undertaken a developmental evaluation of the Zone, Assembly and Advocate to look at how they have impacted health and wellbeing in Latrobe Valley.

Local communities were involved in designing the evaluation framework and outcome measures, as well as reviewing them to ensure they continued to be relevant over the three-year period.

The evaluation has highlighted positive change in community attitudes to health and wellbeing, a strong sense of community pride and a desire to build on community strengths. It has provided recommendations for the next steps in ensuring the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone is a success for people who live, work and study in Latrobe Valley.

The Latrobe Health Innovation Zone is the first of its kind in Australia and has been designated as a place where people can have a say in the planning and delivery of better health and wellbeing outcomes; they can be a part of the decision making, design, planning and delivery of services and programs.

Zone partners comprising the Assembly, Advocate and Department of Families, Fairness and Housing have accepted the recommendations and are working together with other service and program partners to deliver the changes needed.

Designation of Latrobe City as a Health Innovation Zone, establishment the Latrobe Health Assembly and appointment of the Latrobe Health Advocate are key recommendations of the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry.

For a copy of the evaluation report, earlier interim reports and information about the Zone, Assembly and Advocate, you can visit: Latrobe Health Assembly or Latrobe Health Advocate or health.vic website.

Quote attributable to the Latrobe Health Assembly Chair Tanya Rong:

“The Latrobe Health Assembly welcomes the findings and recommendations of the final Deloitte Evaluation Report and thanks the many community members who gave their time to better inform the Assembly’s work into the future.”

“Work has already commenced on addressing the recommendations and this work will provide a sound basis for the Assembly to support the community in shaping better health and wellbeing outcomes for all living, working and studying within the Latrobe Valley.”

Quote attributable to the Latrobe Health Advocate Jane Anderson:

“I want to acknowledge the contributions that people in the community have made to the Deloitte evaluation and accept all the recommendations in the report.”

“I will continue to work together with local communities, the Latrobe Health Assembly, and the Victorian Government to ensure the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes for everyone in Latrobe.”

Quote attributable to Department of Families, Fairness & Housing executive director Greg Blakeley:

“The foundations for improving health and wellbeing in Latrobe Valley now well established.

“In partnership with the community, Assembly, Advocate and others we look forward to building on this for the benefit of everyone in the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone”.

Reviewed 28 April 2021


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