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Coronavirus update for Victoria 31 May 2021

Coronavirus update for Victoria 31 May 2021


Victoria was notified of five new cases of coronavirus yesterday.

All are locally acquired cases linked to the current outbreak.

A further six cases were announced this morning (having been reported after the late cut off period), which will be in tomorrow’s numbers. This brings the total number of locally acquired cases in the current outbreak to 51.

There was one COVID-19 case in hospital in Victoria yesterday.

The total number of confirmed cases in Victoria since the beginning of the pandemic is 20,598.

Circuit breaker restrictions are now in force in Victoria.

You can view more than a dozen pages of questions and answers for what these restrictions mean for you, see COVIDSafe settings.

Update: Outbreaks

77 per cent of currently identified Primary Close Contacts for the current outbreak have received a negative result to date.

The BlueCross Western Gardens Aged Care outbreak began when a staff member who works across both facilities tested positive on 30 May.

89 residents are Primary Close Contacts, as are 46 staff, contractors and visitors.

66 of 89 residents have had their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Victorian Aged Care Response Centre has been re-established for the next three months.

There are now more than 320 public exposure sites in Victoria, see Case alerts - public exposure sites.

More than 100 exposure sites were added in the last day.

The Department also manages a number of exposure sites which it doesn’t publish online, particularly if these sites represent lower-risk exposures, or if they have comprehensive record keeping and contact tracing measures in place, or if they identify small, private locations.

Exposure sites are regularly reviewed based on intelligence and evidence, following case interviews. Based on investigations, the exposure date for the Thai Huy Butcher at the Footscray Market has been revised to May 27 between 1:40pm and 2:30pm.

There is a continued focus on small community grocery stores across Melbourne’s suburbs.

Anyone who has been to a community or market grocery store in the last two weeks is urged to visit the  exposure sites website.

Contact tracing results from other exposure sites of significance include:

  • Mount Ridley College: 30 Primary Close Contacts are identified, with 23 returning a negative result as of this morning.
  • The Grande, Epping: 186 Primary Close Contacts, with 100 returning a negative result as of this morning.
  • The Sporting Globe, Mordialloc: 157 Primary Close Contacts, with 111 returning a negative result as of this morning.

100 Australian Defence Staff today joined the Department’s compliance and enforcement efforts, with a further 60 joining tomorrow.

There are six education facilities identified as exposure sites across the four outbreaks.

Update: Vaccinations

A total of 16,752 COVID-19 vaccination doses were administered yesterday by state commissioned services across Victoria. 

This brings the total number of vaccine doses administered by the Department as of yesterday to 476,242.

In the week ending Sunday 30 May, 95,676 doses were administered through state-run sites – a 66 per cent increase on the previous week.

11,564 callers made a booking Saturday. 15,421 calls were handled through the vaccination call centre on Sunday. 900 staff will be servicing these callers through the booking hotline from tomorrow.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, or are a primary close contact, do not come to a vaccination centre.

Go to a testing centre, get a test, and go home until you receive your result.

Update: Testing

A total of 43,874 tests were processed yesterday.

There are currently 210 testing facilities across Victoria providing safe testing to all Victorians.

While demand stayed strong throughout the day, waiting times are very short at the testing centre at Melbourne Showgrounds.

This is a large capacity, eight-lane site open until 8pm and may be a convenient option for many Victorians wishing to get tested.

87.4 per cent of all test results were turned around within 24 hours, with 98.8 per cent turned around by the following day.

The Department is publishing expected wait times at testing sites as well as updated information about locations and hours of operation, see Where to get tested.

General advice 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms include fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath and loss or change in sense of smell or taste. If you are experiencing symptoms, wear a fitted face mask when you get tested. 

For more information call the 24-hour Coronavirus Hotline at 1800 675 398 or visit the Coronavirus website.

Media enquiries: Department of Health Media Unit (03) 9096 8860 or

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