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Key message

Medication reconciliation is a formal process of obtaining and verifying a complete and accurate list of each patient’s current medicines. Matching the medicines the patient should be prescribed to those they are actually prescribed. Where there are discrepancies, these are discussed with the prescriber and reasons for changes to therapy are documented. When care is transferred (e.g. between wards, hospitals or home), a current and accurate list of medicines, including reasons for change is provided to the person taking over the patient’s care.

National standard

National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard 4.8 requires that the clinical workforce review the patient’s current medication orders against their medication history and prescriber’s plan and reconcile any discrepancies.

Additional information and resources on medication reconciliation are available on the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care website in the MATCH toolkitand in the Clinical Excellence Commission’s medication reconciliation toolkit

Reviewed 18 February 2016


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