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Capability framework for Victorian renal services

The Capability framework for Victorian renal services was developed and implemented in 2019. An implementation version of the framework was circulated and a self-assessment template sent to all active renal facilities in late 2019. The final framework document will be released once implementation is complete, in the first half of 2020.

Part of the self-assessment process included the allocation of a provisional capability level. Below is a reference table used to support the allocation of levels. Note, all levels are provisional until the implementation process is finalised.

Other resources to support the implementation of the renal framework may be accessed via the links and downloads on this page. These include:

  • an example self-assessment template
  • a webinar explaining the self-assessment process
  • the Implementation version of the capability framework.

VAED minimum renal activity reference table

Procedure Minimum activity
per financial year
Capability level
Minimally supervised haemodialysis (DRG L61Z) 468* 2
Overnight / multiday inpatient stay includes dialysis 1 3
AV fistula creation 50 4
Peritoneal catheter insertion 50 4
Native renal biopsy 50 4
Apheresis / plasma exchange 25 5
Parathyroidectomy n# 5
Kidney transplant (total live and cadaver donor) 50 6

Data source: VAED 2018-19 post-consolidation.

* 468 episodes equates to three renal chairs.
# No level is set as VAED data may include single-node parathyroidectomies.


For more information on the implementation of the renal capability framework, please contact:

Michael Langley, Senior Policy Officer
Telephone: 03 9096 8230

Reviewed 18 November 2019


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